Me and My Bee

Me and My Bee, from This Egg, is a wonderful and wholesome family show. The company have managed to make a show which is both political and hilarious, and for kids. It’s really difficult to make theatre about climate change, or similar slow-burn crisis’, that aren’t apocalyptic or very bleak. This Egg creates a loving, sweet show about bees and our earth. It follows the story of a bee (Joe Boylan) who loses his flower and searches to get her back. Greta and Josie (pronounced Gree-ta and Jo-sigh) are having a party. It’s not a normal party, you understand, it’s a political party, disguised as a party party, disguised as a show.

Ecologically conscious theatre (if there is such a thing?) is not just about a message, it’s about a making a tangible change. Planting seeds for flowers is an activist performance just as much as making a politically active show is. The company pass out seed at the end, with instructions to plant them. By combining humour with sincerity, they might actually get the kids out there planting them.

I was given hope for the future when I saw the kids smiling and laughing with us about politics and people falling over. I’d highly recommend this show for kids and adults and young adults(?) alike. There is just as much in there for the kids as there is for the parents. It is teeming with political satire and love for all kinds of bees. And those are some stellar costumes too.

See Me and My Bee @ Pleasance Courtyard, 11.45 9th-28th August