Garden City Movement

Garden City Movement are an electronic chillwave trio based in Germany and Israel. Having seen their music video for ‘Move On’ which is beautiful and brave, I was intrigued to find out more. Although their following is fairly small, the fans are dedicated, and this band are set for huge things. So far they have released two EPs; ‘Bengali Cinema’ and ‘Entertainment’. Both are interesting, fresh and intuitive. These chilled, synth driven, electronic tracks are wonderfully immersive and totally addictive. The combination of cultures is very interesting, and something worth exploring more for these guys. Garden City Movement have a great balance of delicate and subtle vocals combined with repetitive beats, which echo that of very popular bands like Clean Bandit and Gorgon City. Pay attention to these guys – big things are coming their way; I can guarantee it.

My favourite track is ‘Move On’, mainly because I can’t stop listening to it. I love the effortlessness of the lyrics and the clear images throughout the track. It’s memorable, sexy and a genuinely good song. Here are a couple of my favourite stills from the video


Have Alt-J Become Too Commercial?

Yesterday, Alt-J released their second music video for their upcoming album. ‘Left Hand Free’ already had controversy surrounding it after claims that the band wrote the song in 15 minutes after their record label told them they needed to write a more catchy song which could be played on the radio. Alt-J have of course denied this claim, but it was not hard to convince people of the rumour, when the song was so different and mainstream to anything Alt-J have ever done before. Therefore, when the video was released, it seemed that it might help some of the fans understand the reasoning behind the single.


However, many fans have been saying that Alt-J have lost their creativity and innovation after this video was released. The music video depicts a typical summer day in southern USA, with young people having fun and presenting the perfect summer. It undoubtedly looks like a vapid advertisement for beer or a holiday and disappointed a lot of people. It also undeniable however, that it fits exactly with the song and sparks the same discussions. This video clearly reflects how the song is typical and fairly meaningless, mirroring popular culture. Alt-J haven’t lost their creativity, they are making a comment about the music business and also just having a bit of fun. Interestingly, Alt-J placed a ‘1’ after the title of this video. It may have just been a mistake, but it could also mean this video is the first of many.

This band were clever to not lose their fan base by first releasing ‘Hunger of the Pine’ which was still a new direction, but it stuck to their old methods and sound. The video for ‘Hunger of the Pine’ is again an accurate reflection of the song.


It is simple, and puts across a clear image to it’s audience. The complexity of the song and video is obvious, but it is presented in an intelligent and enjoyable way. ‘Hunger of the Pine’ proves that Alt-J still deeply care about their music, purpose and the meaning behind these tracks. Of course Alt-J haven’t become too commercial. They are doing things how the want, the way they want and yes, they may lose fans, but they will also gain new ones as well.

Song of The Week

I couldn’t decide between these two songs, so I went with both.

Honeyblood – Bud


I love the images and aesthetic of this music video, obviously the song is fabulous as well. Listen to these guys if you like Interpol, Lorde, Paramore etc.

Honeyblood – Killer Bangs


These girls prove that female rock duos work, and that they work really, really well. They are undoubtedly set to be one of the biggest newcomers of 2014.

Buy their debut album here and also listen to Super Rat– my other favourite of theirs.

July Throwback

This one is a throwback to 2007 but it’s just the perfect summer album. Oracular Spectacular is jam packed with hits, including Electric Feel and Kids, two of MGMT’s most famous tracks. Personally my favourites include Time to Pretend and The Youth, both of which never fail to get me excited for sunshine, poolside drinks and sunbathing.

unnamed (1)

MGMT’s dream pop indie vibes appeal to nearly everyone and their definitive riffs and tantalising hooks are what make them deservedly popular. This album is still a huge influence all over the music industry and MGMT continue to be a significant part of the indie pop crowd. Fire up the barbecue, slip on your sandals and enjoy this classic summer album.

Favourite Tracks:

  • Time To Pretend
  • The Youth
  • Of Moons, Birds and Monsters

Phoria – Display EP

I am a little bit in love with this EP. ‘Phoria’, a local five piece band from Brighton capture the alternative trance sound perfectly and execute this beautiful and bewitching EP with the upmost class. This band deserve a hell of a lot of hype, and are set to become the next big thing. In my opinion, ‘Display’ is rare, because every song is worth listening to, and their distinctive sound is apparent throughout. Efforttobreathe is my favourite track, although it is very hard to choose. I just adore the clear, heavy beats and synth base, along with the contrast of the subtle, moaning vocals. I think this synth electronic sound has defined 2014, with Hideaway by Kiesza topping all the charts and the growing popularity of dance/electronica duo ‘Disclosure’, popular music has been taken over by alternative dance tracks, and I am definitely not complaining.

iamamiwhoami – BLUE album trailer

iamamiwhoami have always intrigued me, especially the audiovisual element which was very prevalent  in their last album. The trance and electronic beats are intense and the lyrics are always enchanting. ‘BLUE’  already looks beautiful, with the trailer featuring rolling hills and idyllic beach scenes. In the trailer, the combination of video and voice focuses around texture and aesthetics. Water is clearly a large feature in the album and seems to be the underlying inspiration. For me this is intriguing and useful, as I’m planning to use water for my upcoming Art A-Level project. I will definitely mention and draw inspiration from this trailer and hopefully the new album. ‘BLUE’ is set to be released in November of this year. Check out the trailer here:

Hunger of The Pine – Alt-J

Alt-J dropped their new single, Hunger of the Pine, from their forthcoming album, ‘This is all Yours’ on June 18th. It was premiered on Zane Lowe’s show and is the first track to be released so far. On listening to it for the first time, I was both impressed and intrigued. This track feels fresh and exotic, and clearly shows how alt-j have matured since the first album. ‘Hunger of the Pine’ still has the trademark muted, delicate vocals and aesthetic rhythms of ‘An Awesome Wave’ but it somehow is more tribal and enticing. The sample from Miley Cyrus; ‘I’m a female rebel’ may be a cause for division amongst fans, but I actually thinks it works well and contrasts with the relaxed atmosphere of the song, giving it a nice edge. It’s great to see the band evolving and trying out new sounds, like the smooth, heavy beat and jazz vibes. This track promises great things for the highly awaited album, and ensures that it will not disappoint.

‘This is All Yours’ will be released on 22nd September and is highly anticipated, not least by me. Pre-order the album here