AM to PM Tunes

Music is a great way to kick start your day, and also very helpful for winding down in the evening. I don’t mean using your favourite song as an alarm clock or anything, because in my case I begin to loathe whatever sound wakes me up in the morning. I’m talking about the pumped up, inspiring, loud music that makes you excited for the day and the calm, reflective songs that gently push you into a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. A good playlist is probably the only thing that really helps me at the opposite ends of the day.

These are a selection of the songs I like to listen to, you can check out both my evening and morning playlists on YouTube.

1. The Horrors

DSC_0359 (2)

AM: Falling Star

DSC_0384 (2)

PM: Still Life

2. Arctic Monkeys

DSC_0368 (2)

AM: Dancing Shoes

No 1 Party Anthem 

PM: No.1 Party Anthem

3. Bombay Bicycle Club

Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club

AM: Luna

Leaving Blues

PM: Leaving Blues

4. Foster The People

Don't Stop (Colour On The Walls)

AM: Don’t Stop (Colour on the Walls)

Fire Escape - Foster The People

PM: Fire Escape

5. The Smiths

The Smiths

AM: You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby

Asleep - The Smiths

PM: Asleep

I love all of these artists, and these are some of my absolute favourite songs from them. Fire Escape by Foster The People is really underrated, and definitely a hidden gem in Supermodel. I think it is so peaceful and emotional; Mark Foster creates such a beautiful atmosphere with the vocals. Luna is one of the best songs from ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ in my opinion. It’s quite simple. but the lyrics are so memorable and the guitar parts are unique and enchanting. Which is your favourite song? Do you have any suggestions for others?