These Walls

These Walls is a simple and clean play that follows the lives of three women who are all imprisoned by some kind of cage. Most of them are metaphorical cages, and they were all based around being a woman. Abortion, sexual assault, domestic abuse. This could have felt gratuitous, like all of these issues were thrown in for the sake of it. However the show was delicately handled, and the sensitive themes were shared with care.

It follows the lives of three women, their lives weaving together in small and precious ways. Isla Cowan’s script feels like a kind of lyrical naturalism, giving the piece a lovely poetic depth.

Eden (Becky Shepherdson), a seventeen year old aspiring to be a medic.

Chrissy (Imogen Osbourne), a twenty something dancer in a club

Althea (Cecily Pierce) a thirty something girlfriend.

All broken, all have something missing and are eventually at the expense of the men in their lives.

The set is interesting, a jagged metre of ‘wall’ separates the women from each other and keeps them to their own worlds. They do cross over these barriers but only very occasionally.

The acting was sensitive and played a careful balance between humour and devastation. The direction was a credit to the script, and each complimented each other well. There was perhaps a slight lack of drive in the show as a whole, but this seems to only be teething problems. The company have great potential, and I’m excited to see their next piece.

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