That Moment

Following the life and struggles of a young actress, That Moment, is a funny and honest look at what it’s like to be young and work in theatre. Obviously, this was very relatable to my life and so much of what Dougie Blaxland wrote felt like it had come right out of my brain. Alicia Harding (played by Madeleine Gray) auditions for a show with a top director, and ends up having to dog sit for him instead of getting a role. Playing around twenty characters in the whole show Gray is a triumph. Her sincere and hilarious performance is a credit to both her and the team behind her.

I needed an escape for an hour on that night, and this show was exactly that. I could be absorbed in Harding’s world of messy dogs, northern kind-of-boyfriends, and useless agents. Obviously, the audience were completely besotted with their heroine. She giggles and shouts and says all those things we want to say but can’t. The writing and performance never let up once. There were no slow moments, and there didn’t seem to be a weak link in the chain.

I’d highly recommend this show as a way to absorb yourself in pure, talented comedy for an evening. I expect really good things for BlueLeaf Theatre if they carry on like this, making shows of joys and mishaps in our world.

See That Moment @ C Cubed, venue 50 @ 10.20pm, everyday

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