Rock and Hunt

Rock and Hunt, from Sonder Theatre, follows six people in their quest for love, sex, validation, and happiness. Over the course of an hour we hear six monologues, each from people leading seemingly unconnected lives. The stories are sometimes sweet, sometimes gratuitous, sometimes upsetting. First we hear from Laura, played by Anoushka Kohli, who lost her baby in childbirth. Then each character interrupts the next, and slowly their lives are revealed and we learn more about them.

As an examination of humanity and contemporary Britain, this play does well. Helena Jacques-Morton creates voice expertly, weaving separate lives into a cogent piece. Each character is well defined and the actors execute their roles with confidence and sensitivity. None of the characters are stereotypes or caricatures, and each holds a different drinking vessel (mug, beer can, teacup, plastic glass). Sonder Theatre focuses on individual lives, and what we so often miss in knowing and seeing other humans.

However, when watching this I felt static. When making, watching, or writing theatre, I always ask ‘Why this and why now?’ For me, this show didn’t seem to know the answer to that question. That question doesn’t mean all shows have to be political, that would be boring, but it’s about urgency. A question of why are we performing this, why does this have to be seen? The lack of answers to those questions came across in the direction; all the actors were sat down, facing us for the whole show. It was a good image but for 50 minutes I started to wonder where the spark was. There was no driving force behind the writing or the direction. Maybe this isn’t what the company wanted, in which case, all power to them. But I think I wanted a little more play/spontaneity/drive in this piece.

See Rock and Hunt @Paradise in the Vaults, 5.50, 10-12 and 14-19 August

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