Taking place in the Hilton hotel, this show was completely sold out on the day I saw it. That’s fantastic. It’s great seeing new student work doing well. Massive congratulations to the company for that.

threadbare follows the story of a victim of revenge porn which is essentially when someone posts revealing or naked pictures without consent. It’s a common crime and it’s pretty horrific. This point was very much drilled home during the show, although by the end I’m not sure what angle they were trying to take. The story follows a family and it centres on the revenge, but Maddy Barnes’ script seems to be more concerned with the other problems in her life. I loved her best friend, played by Lily Millar; she shined with humour and honesty.

It’s very difficult to make a show about social media that doesn’t stereotype or assume. It could have been easy for Minotaur theatre to fall into these traps, in some places they did. It’s difficult to feel connection to a show where the teenagers seem to be being told they’re always on their phones and that’s wrong. I also think it could have been slightly more forgiving to its female characters. We hear about mothers who leave, girls who bully, girls who take revenge, girls who cheat, while the male characters (save a classic f*ckboy character) were all let off pretty easy. It’s just something to think about.

I understand this is a contentious topic, and the show covers a number of really difficult issues, from body image, to Facebook privacy, to whether freeing our nipples is empowerment or exploitation. I don’t have all the answers, and I didn’t expect this show to either. It was a solid job and I hope the show has a really good run, and keeps up the good numbers.

See threadbare @ theSpace Northbridge, 12.20, 4th-19th August

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