I’m so damn excited to write this review because oh my GOSH I loved this show. Number one I would like for Ell and Mary to be my best friends please they are amazing. Also they are totally and completely talented and beautiful. I just love seeing women succeed. It’s so fulfilling and gives me so much goddamn joy.

HOTTER, as well as being a defiantly feminist show, is also a very skilled piece of verbatim work. The precision and dexterity with which the performers manoeuvre around and with the voices of the people they’ve spoken to is as admirable as it is innovative. I’d also like to take a quick moment to talk about THE OUTFITS. Each layer of clothing is a new look that I can only hope to aspire to with excellent shades of pink, sunglasses to die for, and layering that is, frankly, ingenious.

Both Ell and Mary deliver shattering monologues addressed to people they interviewed, but also to themselves. Both about body image, both about not really being happy with it. Ell’s punched me in the stomach because she looks like me so everything she was saying felt like it could be me saying it to myself, to my sister, even to my mother. I felt the jealousy and self-consciousness they were talking about when I walked into their show because these were two very cool, stunning women and I can never live up to that. Just like Ell and Mary I’m not looking for sympathy. It’s not about that. I love these girls and I loved every single girl in that room, and all the ones not in the room.

At the end, we learn a dance and I don’t feel worried when we get up to dance. I’ve gone to the show on my own because it was quite late and my friends were doing other things. But it’s okay and I feel safe. I will be taking all my wonderful, intelligent, flawed, fabulous friends with me to this show because I want us all to celebrate and dance to Dev Hynes*

*An absolutely stellar song choice (I love Dev) and a stand out playlist in general really.

See HOTTER @ Paradise in Augustines, 10.45pm, 5-27th (not 13, 20)

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