Roaming Collisions

Lamplit, a company of three clowning women and a cardboard tech box, have created a precious show for kids and adults alike. I hope they collaborate on a children’s book so that I can read it to my kids one day. The three stars, Lilith, Molly, and Lissy all live on Comet, but when Comet crashes to earth, and they no longer have just each other for company, they have to start making friends.

This is a show that is so pure and human that it would take a true cynic to turn their nose up at it. It’s utterly joyful and the skilled precision of the company makes it a pleasure to watch. The humour of the show so often comes from mishaps, improvisations, and funny faces that one feels quite taken in by their offer of friendship. We all find it hard to make friends (if you don’t good for you, I’m glad) and so this expression of the absurdity we put into human interaction allows for some much needed comfort and warmth.

Edinburgh can sometimes be really lonely. This show made me feel less lonely for an hour, and it also made me realise that everyone feels alone sometimes and that’s fine. We’re all here to love and support each other, and if you haven’t come up to the ‘Burgh with anyone, see Roaming Collisions and make three wonderful new friends. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

See Roaming Collisions everyday (except Wednesdays) until the 27th (FOR FREE) in the Serenity Cafe @ 7.10

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