Action at a Distance

Action at a Distance is a new piece written by Rory Horne, from Argonaut Theatre. It is, quite frankly, a stunning piece of writing. The dialogue is sharp and its edges are well defined. My mind didn’t wander once and that’s very impressive. I was reminded of Grounded and how we can parallel love and drone warfare. It shows great promise from the whole company.

Chris and Josh, played by Rosa Caines and Dom Luck respectively, are stuck in deep Nevada. Their worlds are different and yet they become connected through the internet, which is also what tears them apart. The ethical crisis at the centre of the play is punctuated by the relationship between the central characters.  It means we fall in love with them and then suddenly we’re complicit in their amoral decisions.

The play is a fascinating look at obsession, detachment, and love. The printer in the corner of the room is the only tangible connection to technology on stage, but when Chris sees the photos and prints the money, it’s the only time she experiences something real, not on a screen.

In a world where everything is virtual, it’s nice that the whole show is a tape recording, or a CD, in fact. We have to knock back layers of virtual reality to get to the humanity. This company are Ones To Watch (if that’s something I can say, I don’t know) but they’re great.

See Action at a Distance @ ZOO Southside, 10.10am 4th-22nd August

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