Poor Michelle’s HARRY is a touching and exuberant show based on female friendships and obsession. Caitlin and Sophie (played by Caitlin McEwan and Sophie McQuillan) are in LOVE with Harry Styles from One Direction aka the 21st century Beatles. They meet at university and are immediately best friends (if that’s even still cool to say?) and they do everything together from drinking to eating crisp sandwiches to partying to drinking. The writing is so real. It’s very difficult for me to see someone on stage that sounds, stands, talks, worries like me. It’s a huge credit to McEwan that she translates her voice so eloquently and humorously onto the page and on stage.

This play should be performed in a bedroom, a dorm room, a university student’s front room; it’s about capturing that moment in a life where you’re meant to have the best time but really it’s a bit weird and scary. It’s also about teenage girls. They are some of the most important people in this world and we should nurture them but so often they are dismissed. Caitlin’s obsession was unhealthy but it wasn’t unjustified. I went through that phase (not with Harry Styles though) and it’s all consuming and for a while it defines you. I wasn’t any less of a human in those moments. The girls who scream and cry at concerts are releasing an incredibly powerful amount of energy, and usually, hopefully, it’s a good thing.
HARRY is a play about beginnings and endings, girls and unrealistically attainable boys, and girls learning about themselves and each other. Also we got biscuits !!

See HARRY @ Underbelly, 12.20pm, 3rd – 27th August

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