fringe and other things

You might not hear much from me for the whole month of August unless it’s via blog post. That’s because I’ll be in the deep sandpit of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, reviewing and writing a show. This blog will have *a lot* more posts published on it by the end of the three and a half weeks. Obviously, in this time I’ll be writing my reviews really really quickly and I hope this makes me a better writer but it might not. So this is just a blog post setting up the month, and letting everyone know what to expect. It’s gonna be a little bit stressful, a lot of fun, and my shoulders will not relax below my chin until I am in my own bed at home.

If you’re in Edinburgh anytime from the 3rd – 26th come say hi, message me, we can meet up and chat about theatre or life or anything you want really because I can imagine this stuff gets very stressful. Totally just add me on facebook or dm on twitter if you need a break (even if you don’t know me). My email is in the ‘about’ section of my blog so you can do that too. We can read zines in a park or a cafe if it rains and we don’t have to have a Big Discussion if you’re feeling weary, I know I will be.

If you’re not going to Edinburgh, which of course many of you aren’t, that is also cool! Feel free to read my reviews but also I don’t mind if you want to put me/my blog/my twitter on mute for a while. I know the FOMO is real, I’ve had it for the past three years about this god forsaken festival. Also, I realise some of you do not care about Edinburgh fringe at all.

Something else I’d like to quickly say is that I’m not going to do any kind of star rating reviews. It’s something that I have never done on this blog and I will continue to not do it. I’m writing with the Network of Independent Critics for the first week and that means many posts in not many days, but I will try my very best to consider each and every show as if I had a month to get my thoughts out. Go follow their twitter account @NICritics for updates on my reviews and all the other amazing critics involved.

Finally, here are some completely unrelated Edinburgh things I am enjoying (completely unashamedly stolen from Florence Bell’s blog post)

1.   Glass Animals released a new video and it’s my favourite song from their new album; Agnes. I also saw them live on Sunday and it was a m a z i n g. Read the description for this video please, it is the definition of suffering for your art and what that means.

2. There’s a collective/magazine/art thing I’m involved in called the Roundtable Journal and I’ve been asked to join the ‘RT Collective’ which is basically a network of artists that embody what the journal is all about. Honestly, I was flattered and their first issue – self, art, and femme is what I feel most passionate about exploring in my artistic work (not theatre). Check out their stuff if you want to. I love their aesthetic and its super beautiful and empowering work.

3. The Incredible Jessica James

My very close and wonderful friend Izzy texted me 5 minutes into this film saying ‘watch it do it right now i don’t care what else you are doing’. I trust her judgement and so while eating three adult size portions of pasta I switched on the Netflix original film. It’s fabulous. Jessica James is a struggling playwright in New York who is recovering from a break up (that she initiated). It’s a lovely portrayal of identity, womanhood, theatre, love, and humour. I cried like three times.

Cover Photo by Prue Stent ( featured in Roundtable Journal


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