What I Resolve to do

a list of things I resolve to do, to be, to remember. perhaps they will be kept, perhaps they will not. i hope that they will be. i think they will make me a better me

  be kinder than you have to be

be plentiful with kindness. it is the most powerful revolution. educate instead of dismiss

  discover each day

the days ahead may seem full of darkness but each day brings new light, a million new and wonderful thoughts, a million possible antidotes

  breathe a little more

it can feel claustrophobic in our echo chambers sometimes. it’s okay to breathe, to be peaceful, to open yourself

  complacency is not the answer

apathy feels like the only way to deal with the worst parts of the world. instead speak up, march, love radically, fight back 

  allow risk and allow failure

kindness is not just towards others, but also towards yourself. with risk comes failing. allow yourself to make mistakes. 

  care more

it’s alright to care about someone, something, anything. and it’s okay to care too much. 

  worry less

no one can see your tummy hanging over your jeans. if they can they shouldn’t care. you are not your flaws. 

  take pride

it’s okay to stand up and be proud! you are smart and hard working! your outfit is really cool today! that was a kick ass piece of toast you just made! 

  love those who love you back

someone who doesn’t love you in the way you love them is not worth crying over. there are others who love you more than they do and you don’t even know yet. 

  its okay

it’s okay to forget about your resolutions. it’s okay that you felt jealous of your best friend, you’re over it now. it’s okay to fall over now and again. it’s okay to admit you’re wrong. it’s okay to call people out. it’s okay to ask the question. it’s okay to know the answer. it’s okay to feel bad and it’s okay to feel good.