1. Poets

Having complained about the A-Level syllabus, I do have to credit it for introducing me to some of my favourite literature. Ted Hughes’ Crow poems are crazy and surreal and completely up my street. He was an asshole but he was a talented one and he had some very interesting ideas about the poetic form and how it translates feeling. His essay ‘Words and Experience’ is thought-provoking and a little bit mind-blowing. He questions how we can possibly attempt, as artists, to recreate an emotional experience exactly. He suggested we could write a whole book about the way in which someone walks away from you and still never capture that split second experience. I don’t know about you but that is something that I’ve never been able to articulate before and I love and hate Hughes for doing it.

2. Art

Hopper, de Chirico, and Ernst are all artist who currently have my attention. I’ve always loved Dali but there is something about the immense silence which these guys can evoke which is so incredibly awe-inspiring. The colour, the atmosphere – everything about their work speaks to me and I love it. I could stare at it for hours on end and never be bored. Hopper is probably one of my most favourite artists – he evokes a sense of place, time and emotion that is so exact everytime, and so satisfyingly aesthetic.

3. Summer

Some pictures that are getting me excited for summer 🙂

4. People

People inspire me all the time, every day but the last two weeks have brought a truck full of new friends and experiences. That isn’t to say the old ones aren’t still inspiring me though – in fact I’d like to start with someone who’s been inspiring me for years. Well, actually my whole life. When someone is away a lot, like my dad is, you come to really appreciate their presence and cherish what they have to say and he does make it easy by saying some pretty cool stuff. I don’t think I’d really be doing any of the things I am today without him and that’s great. Also, he’s pushed me to do new stuff and meet new people, which leads me on to last week. I traveled up to the blistering north to NSDF (National Student Drama Festival) not really expecting much, but I came away with some of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I met some of the most wonderful and considerate people – shout out to the guys who hung out in the Noffice – who have completely reinvigorated my love for theatre and the arts and sparked some wave of passion in me that I was convinced was being crushed by A-Level syllabuses.



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