Bastille – Bad_News


It’s just over a year since Bastille released their debut album ‘Bad Blood’ which brought them huge success having sold over 2 million copies in the UK alone. The band have been touring constantly since the release of their first LP, and have also been writing new material alongside this, according to front man Dan Smith. Their new album is set to be released soon, and will have a variety of sounds, such as rock, electronic influences, and songs more similar to ‘Bad Blood’. When the full album will actually be launched is down to pure speculation, but it is unlikely to be in the near future as the band are still playing festivals and have many more arenas to fill before then.

However, on Thursday of this week at 12.20am (ironically the day of A-Level results) ‘Bad_News’ was first played on Radio 1. I stayed up for this late night broadcast with my friend as although I am a huge fan, I was also intrigued as to what this new track, so soon after their debut, could have to offer. I was not disappointed. Undoubtedly, ‘Bad_News’ is somewhat of a departure from singles like ‘Pompeii’ and ‘Laura Palmer’, in terms of the depth, and more electronic sound. But there is a similar vocal range and a familiar melody here, mainly due to the steady marching beat which is recognizable from their previous tracks. ‘Bad_News’ is fresh and upbeat, while in keeping with the current 90’s electro pop trend. They have also joined Ed Sheeran and One Republic in using mainly falsetto backing vocals, which is no bad thing I hasten to add. The repetitive lyrics and steady beat are complimentary, just like in their mash up ‘Of The Night’.

Whether this single precedes an upcoming album, EP, or is just to quench the thirst of their multitude of fans, Bad_News is satisfying, fun and a single worth investing in.


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