Song of The Week

I couldn’t decide between these two songs, so I went with both.

Honeyblood – Bud


I love the images and aesthetic of this music video, obviously the song is fabulous as well. Listen to these guys if you like Interpol, Lorde, Paramore etc.

Honeyblood – Killer Bangs


These girls prove that female rock duos work, and that they work really, really well. They are undoubtedly set to be one of the biggest newcomers of 2014.

Buy their debut album here and also listen to Super Rat– my other favourite of theirs.

July Throwback

This one is a throwback to 2007 but it’s just the perfect summer album. Oracular Spectacular is jam packed with hits, including Electric Feel and Kids, two of MGMT’s most famous tracks. Personally my favourites include Time to Pretend and The Youth, both of which never fail to get me excited for sunshine, poolside drinks and sunbathing.

unnamed (1)

MGMT’s dream pop indie vibes appeal to nearly everyone and their definitive riffs and tantalising hooks are what make them deservedly popular. This album is still a huge influence all over the music industry and MGMT continue to be a significant part of the indie pop crowd. Fire up the barbecue, slip on your sandals and enjoy this classic summer album.

Favourite Tracks:

  • Time To Pretend
  • The Youth
  • Of Moons, Birds and Monsters

A Playlist For The Plane

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Mykonos, Greece and I’m so excited! This playlist is quite chilled and perfect for travelling in a car, on an airplane, or even a boat (?). Hope you enjoy it!

Listen Here


  1. Mykonos – Fleet Foxes
  2. Hannah Hunt – Vampire Weekend
  3. Sprawl II – Arcade Fire
  4. Two Fingers – Jake Bugg
  5. She Changes the Weather – Swim Deep
  6. Sad Dream – Sky Ferreira
  7. Home – Mumford & Sons
  8. Leaving Blues – Bombay Bicycle Club
  9. Woodland – The Paper Kites
  10. 400 Lux – Lorde
  11. We Are Nowhere and It’s Now – Bright Eyes
  12. Only Ones Who Know – Arctic Monkeys
  13. Train Song – Feist and Ben Gibbard
  14. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
  15. Hand Made – Alt-J


Phoria – Display EP

I am a little bit in love with this EP. ‘Phoria’, a local five piece band from Brighton capture the alternative trance sound perfectly and execute this beautiful and bewitching EP with the upmost class. This band deserve a hell of a lot of hype, and are set to become the next big thing. In my opinion, ‘Display’ is rare, because every song is worth listening to, and their distinctive sound is apparent throughout. Efforttobreathe is my favourite track, although it is very hard to choose. I just adore the clear, heavy beats and synth base, along with the contrast of the subtle, moaning vocals. I think this synth electronic sound has defined 2014, with Hideaway by Kiesza topping all the charts and the growing popularity of dance/electronica duo ‘Disclosure’, popular music has been taken over by alternative dance tracks, and I am definitely not complaining.

Why We Should Still Buy CDs

It is very rare that I would think to buy a friend their favourite band’s new CD, I would rather give them an iTunes voucher, wouldn’t you? Despite having a music library of nearly 4000 songs, I own very few CDs, and the ones I do own consist of Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. (Please excuse my clearly exquisite music taste at age 12). This is the case with most of my friends as well, as far as I know. I’m only sixteen and it doesn’t feel that long ago that I spent pocket money browsing hmv, and treasured my handheld CD player.

We all own an MP3, or an iPod, and everyone downloads music straight to their device without a second thought. Even iTunes is being out done by the likes of Spotify and Napster, offering free subscriptions and unlimited music. Don’t get me wrong, these services are great, so useful, and make music extremely accessible. But, sometimes I think it would be nice if we all still bought CDs, even if not to listen to on an old stereo. My dad for instance, will often buy CDs from amazon if the band is significant or he wants the collection. For example, he bought ‘Ghost Stories’, Coldplay’s newest LP and although it isn’t one of his favourite albums and he doesn’t listen to it all the time, we have every other Coldplay CD and I think it is almost like a memento of the band.

Most people, including myself, don’t buy CDs anymore of course, because technology has moved on, and we don’t feel the need to buy them. I personally feel it is a great shame, and CDs are cheap, easy to acquire and often beautiful reminders of a time, place or person, or if you’re like me, your (slightly embarrassing) tween years. Having discovered that my parents actually do have quite good music taste, I scoured their vast CD collection for my GCSE revision accompanying music. While doing this, I realised that the sleeves of the albums, and the accompanying lyric booklets were quite interesting and an insight into the aesthetic of the band. Here are a couple of my favourites:

I hope you agree that we should buy CDs, and that you also enjoy the look and feel of a brand new album in your hands, only a few days after it’s release.

Haim feat. A$AP Ferg – My Song 5

There are mixed feelings flying around about this new version of ‘My Song 5’. Looking at the YouTube comments, it’s split between people who hate it and people who love it. Personally, I really like it. I think the rap verse could have better lyrics or a heavier beat to blend better with the song, but overall it sounds cool and I look forward to seeing Haim branching out more with similar collaborations.

See if it’s for you:

The 1975 – Acoustic at G in the Park

At Greg James’s Festival – G in the Park, the 1975, one of my favourites, performed beautifully stripped back, acoustic versions of three songs. I have seen a couple of their acoustic performances before, and I am always amazed at how wonderful and almost sadder the songs sound. I honestly cannot wait to see these guys at Reading Festival. They played Girls, Chocolate and Sex.

This was my favourite:

iamamiwhoami – BLUE album trailer

iamamiwhoami have always intrigued me, especially the audiovisual element which was very prevalent  in their last album. The trance and electronic beats are intense and the lyrics are always enchanting. ‘BLUE’  already looks beautiful, with the trailer featuring rolling hills and idyllic beach scenes. In the trailer, the combination of video and voice focuses around texture and aesthetics. Water is clearly a large feature in the album and seems to be the underlying inspiration. For me this is intriguing and useful, as I’m planning to use water for my upcoming Art A-Level project. I will definitely mention and draw inspiration from this trailer and hopefully the new album. ‘BLUE’ is set to be released in November of this year. Check out the trailer here: