Hunger of The Pine – Alt-J

Alt-J dropped their new single, Hunger of the Pine, from their forthcoming album, ‘This is all Yours’ on June 18th. It was premiered on Zane Lowe’s show and is the first track to be released so far. On listening to it for the first time, I was both impressed and intrigued. This track feels fresh and exotic, and clearly shows how alt-j have matured since the first album. ‘Hunger of the Pine’ still has the trademark muted, delicate vocals and aesthetic rhythms of ‘An Awesome Wave’ but it somehow is more tribal and enticing. The sample from Miley Cyrus; ‘I’m a female rebel’ may be a cause for division amongst fans, but I actually thinks it works well and contrasts with the relaxed atmosphere of the song, giving it a nice edge. It’s great to see the band evolving and trying out new sounds, like the smooth, heavy beat and jazz vibes. This track promises great things for the highly awaited album, and ensures that it will not disappoint.

‘This is All Yours’ will be released on 22nd September and is highly anticipated, not least by me. Pre-order the album here

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