Lorde – Shepherds Bush Empire

Last night I went to see Lorde in concert at Shepherds Bush Empire for my friends birthday. Having never been to Shepherds Bush before, I was intrigued to find out more about it. When we arrived, we had to queue outside, which I had never done before, and we were ID-ed along with everyone else in the line. Shepherds Bush was a BBC theatre and has shown live entertainment for over 100 years. It holds around 2000 people, making it very intimate, which was very refreshing compared to the O2 Arena.

Photo 05-06-2014 09 30 44 pm

We arrived at 7.00 and managed to secure a place fairly close to the stage, on the far left. Lo-Fang, Lorde’s supporting act, came on at around 8.00, an hour after the doors opened. His music had an electronic, alternative atmosphere and was quite interesting. He had clearly been influenced by his travels and was very talented. However, he didn’t match up to Lorde. With a crystal covered chandelier looming over the stage and three huge picture frames covering the backdrop, the stage was elegant and simple. Being a huge fan of Lorde’s album, I expected great things, but my expectations were surpassed. Lorde has a pure and enticing voice which sounded incredible in the small space. Her stage presence was great and you couldn’t take your eyes off her.

Photo 05-06-2014 09 59 58 pm

The setlist included her popular songs; Team, Royals, and Tennis Court, but it also included some older tracks, which were slower and soulful. By far, Team was the best performance. It was towards the end of the show, but her energy was still awesome. The crowd loved her and the performance, which was near flawless. The intimacy of the venue was great, especially in the interlude before Ribs, where she told a beautiful and inspiring story about growing up. During Ribs Lorde even went into the crowd, and interacted with her most dedicated fans, who had been waiting for hours. Overall, it was a perfect way to spend the evening, and in my opinion she sounded even better live than on her album.

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Photo 06-06-2014 04 12 37 pm


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