Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend

Having lost count of the number of times I’ve played this album, I thought I should try and put my undying love into words. It has been little over a year since Modern Vampires of the City was released, and it has gone on to be named  best album of 2013 by Rolling Stone and Pitchfork Media. It also secured Vampire Weekend their first Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. This album is the third in a trilogy; partly because it showcases the growth and development of the band, but also because it feels like a grand finale. Although, the success of this LP doesn’t show the end of Vampire Weekend, but rather a chance for new beginnings.

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The Playlist I Study To

When studying for important exams I feel that it is imperative I have a good playlist to accompany my tea and books…

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  1. California English (Part 2) – Vampire Weekend
  2. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Fleet Foxes
  3. Flapper Girl – The Lumineers
  4. Us – Regina Spektor
  5. You Already Know – Bombay Bicycle Club
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Song of the Week

Temples – The Golden Throne

(from Sun Structures)


Here in the UK, Summer feels like it has officially arrived. Dappled sunlight paints the pavements and blue skies stretch as far as the eye can see. My sunglasses and sandals are venturing out for the first time in many months, and so are my favourite summer tunes. Temples are the perfect band to accompany a tall glass of Pimms or lemonade in the garden, with the sun setting behind the trees. Their jangly guitar sounds and slurred vocals are almost reminiscent of the Beatles and early Brit-pop, which is high praise indeed. The whole atmosphere of this song, and the others on the album, simply scream summer. Although I have only chosen one song, it would be wrong to say that it was my all time favourite. In fact, I love the whole album, and I’m sad that Temples are such a recent discovery. I wished I’d heard of them for summers past.